3 Letter Word Shift to Positive Outcomes

3 Letter Word Shift to Positive Outcomes

I previously demonstrated how communication matters, how the brain filters and interprets information and how A 5-word Shift develops thinking and deepens understanding. See the full article here and now, I would like to further develop this idea with a shift in how two tiny words are used: But and, And.


Though tiny, these words are loaded with meaning where it often takes conscious effort to use each appropriately, even halting mid-sentence to self-correct. It’s a challenge and I still bare the scars of inelegantly pointing out to a friend the errors of the continual use of ‘but’ during heated discussion. Feedback is the result of communication where we both learned and thankfully, friendship grew.


Simply, using ‘but’ negates whatever came before; ‘and’ agrees with what came before then offers more.


Fill the spaces with ‘but’ then ‘and’; what do you notice?


Fill the spaces with ‘but’ then ‘and’; what do you notice?


I loved your choice of restaurant for lunch _______ I would like to try the new place by the fountain.

Your puppy is fun ______ my kitten is cute.

An excellent piece of writing _____ have you thought about this?

I agree with what you say _____ this is why I think this important.

Your logic works in this exercise ______ this is a different way to approach the problem.


I know what gets the best results for me, even when I have to self-correct; students are patient and dare I say, enjoy this tiny 3-letter word shift. How about you?

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